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Pedals – where to start

Ever wondered what the different guitar pedals do? Learn about some of the common pedals and effects with Moe to get started on your guitar playing journey!

Basics of amp tone

Discover how to make your guitar amp sound great with these simple tips on dialling in your perfect tone.

Basics of guitar tone

Katie Lee gives us the lowdown on how to find your ideal electric guitar tone.


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Soundcheck – setting up

Playing your first show and nervous about making the leap from the rehearsal room to the stage? Watch our guide on how to prepare and set up for soundcheck with Leea.

How to soundcheck good

Leea shares practical tips for soundchecking to make sure you can hear everything well on stage.

Songwriting with the best

How do you write a song?
Where do you get inspiration from?
How do you know a song is finished?
Get inspired and learn some tools of the songwriting trade from some of New Zealand’s most beloved songwriters and musicians.

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Lyric writing with Julia Deans

Songwriting with Julia Deans

Lyric writing with Liz Stokes

Songwriting with Liz Stokes

Lyric writing with Louisa Nicklin

Songwriting with Louisa Nicklin

Lyric writing with Mainard Larkin

Songwriting with Mainard Larkin

Lyric writing with Priya Sami

Songwriting with Priya Sami

Lyric writing with Jazmine Mary

Songwriting with Jazmine Mary

Production + Recording

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Basics of recording

Have a cool song or riff you’d like to record at home but don’t know where to begin? Learn the basics of DIY recording with Holly.

Production techniques

Want to level up your recording or song production? Samara talks through the basics of production from effects to automation.

Anyone can sing!

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Singing for non-singers

Want to give singing a go? Here are five tips to build your confidence and find your voice.


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